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Vol 7, Issue 1

“Sonata Sunrise” by Marsha Solomon


“A Wider Lens” by Christina Simon

“That Night” by Elaine Ferrell

“Top Hand” by Ian Sewall

“Let Me Be Frank” by Hannah Mary Blankenship

“Sickness Will Surely Take the Mind” by Jason Irwin

“Bachelorette Party” by Jennifer Stafford

“Maybe They’re Home Now” by Bethany Bruno

“Verstehen” by Emily Rankin


“Sonata Sunrise” by Marsha Solomon

“Verstehen” by Emily Rankin

“Truck by Garden” by Faye M. Kelix

“Black Bag” by Casey Grooten

“You Find the Light by Stumbling Upon it Randomly” by Jocelyn Ulevicus

“Truck by Garden” by Faye M. Kelix


“Fish Tank” by O Thiam Chin

“Broken Glass” by Sam Nash

“Breakup Prose” by Lillian Grace

“When You Believe In Things You Don’t Understand” by Catherine Uroff

“Parallel Lines” by Mar S. Stratford

“Black Bag” by Casey Grooten


“Assembling my dining room table” Robin Gow

“Stories of Leaving” by Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo

“Walkouts” by Yesenia Vargas

“Twentysomething” Q.M.

“Like the june night” by Tor Strand

“A transition like a Mexican telenovela” by Caleb T. Estrada

“[ i was the scar ]” by Gerald P. Wickham

“Residue” by Milica Mijatović

“You Find the Light by Stumbling Upon it Randomly No.1” by Jocelyn Ulevicus


“Untitled Mantis Play (Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Marjorie Muller

“First Church of Cthulhu Bake Sale and Bingo Night” by Don Goodrum

“That Time Shannon Doherty Grew A Heart” by Scott Carter Cooper

“La Vida Corta” by Maria Arreola

“Dialogue of the Deaf — a cultural sightbite” by Willy Conley

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