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Black Bag

Casey Grooten is a nonbinary visual artist living in Kalamazoo, MI. Casey works to create zero/low bar entry artistic and literary opportunities for members of their community- especially PoC, LGBTQ, and Youth. Casey is a survivor of multiple s*xual assa*lts, and strives to perpetuate an

Truck by Garden

Faye M. Kelix is a duo that has self-published children’s books at Barnes & Noble (Gary the Giraffe is Much Too Tall). Their designs and photography can be found in their photo books and on websites such as Redbubble, Cafe Press, VSUAL, and Art Pal

You Find the Light by Stumbling Upon it Randomly, No. 1

Jocelyn Ulevicus is an artist and writer with work forthcoming or published in magazines such as The Free State Review, The Petigru  Review, Blue Mesa Review, and Humana Obscura. Working from a female speculative perspective, themes of nature and the unseen; and exit and entry

Sonata Sunrise

Marsha Solomon has been living and working as a painter and a poet in New York. Her work has been presented in museums and galleries in the US and Europe, and has been the subject of seven solo exhibitions.


Emily Rankin was born in California and attended university in TX, where she received a BFA in 2011. Her body of work ranges from Graphic Design and Scenic Painting to collaborative performances with Verstehen, an interactive series incorporating synesthesia, painting, sound, and electronics. She is

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All we have are hope and the ability to feel

Bogdana Tkach ia a photographer from Ukraine. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environment  design, Bogdana is currently earning a master’s degree from graphics in the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture.

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On the Edge

Ann-Marie Brown is a Canadian artist based on the Sunshine coast of B.C. After completing studies in Europe and Canada she began  an artistic practice  which led her to  painting in encaustic & oil. Ann-Marie’s paintings have been exhibited in Canada & the United States,

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Charlotte Aebischer is a photographer based in Lausanne (Switzerland). Since 2015, they have worked as an independent photographer, focusing mainly in architecture and in still life. Charlotte sees technique as a tool, not as rules to be followed.

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In the Footsteps of Giants

Barbara Martin’s work is contemporary in style and leans toward the abstract and sometimes surreal or visionary. Her paintings have been displayed in galleries and museums across America and can be found in numerous publications. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.