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Diversity Statement as a Series of GIFs

1. Dead Mike from CB4 standing in front of a liberation flag with raised fist, wearing an Ankara cap whilst rapping, “I’M BLACK Y’ALL. AND I’M BLACK Y’ALL. AND I’M BLACKER THAN BLACK, AND I’M BLACK Y’ALL.”

2. Titus Andronicus shrugging his shoulders and saying, “I can’t fix America.”

3. Dog sitting at a kitchen table, sipping coffee in a room engulfed in flames saying, “This is fine.”

4. Michael Scott standing over Jim’s desk, speaking directly to the camera. “I wish everyday was diversity day.”

5. Stanley rolling his eyes and working on his crossword puzzle.

6. An old white woman incredulously explaining to two other old white women, “That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

7. Charlie Murphy wearing a zoot suit and a terrible jheri curl wig, laughing hysterically.

8. Maui the demigod dancing atop an overturned raft singing, “What can I say except you’re welcome?”

9. Viola Davis rolling her eyes, grabbing her purse, and slightly smirking before getting up and walking out.

Gabriel Green (he/him/his) is a Poet, Musician, and Scholar (in that order, depending the day) from Pontiac, MI. He currently resides in State College, PA where he is a Dual-Title PhD candidate at the Pennsylvania State University, studying English and African American/African Diaspora studies.  Twitter: @GabeGreen_MPS Instagram: @brother.gabe

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