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Winter 2020


Soul Leaving the Body by K. Johnson Bowles


Vol 5, Issue 1


“Keeping Time” by Mindy Lewis

“This Is How You Move Through The World” by Rémy Ngamije

“Clean” by Ashia Ajani

“Alexa, What Comes Next?” by Mary Elizabeth Cartwright

“Long Beach Island, NJ” by Teresa Sutton

“Dr. Harvard and the Black Hole of Calcutta” by Chris Jansen

“Windstorm” by  Sarah Stuteville

“Shock on the Salton Sea” by Susan Rukeyser

“Maybe Magic Things” by Carol Es

“What We Keep” by Christopher Shaw

“In My Back Pocket” by Kevin Kelley

House on the Prairie by Alex Stolis


“House on the Prairie” by Alex Stolis

“Samarkand Woman” by Jeremiah Gilbert

“The Makeover” by George L. Stein

“Retreat” by TK Saeed

Alchemical Bride 24 (Sojourner Truth)” by Tatiana Garmendia

“Scour” by JE Crum

“Soul Leaving the Body” by K. Johnson Bowles

Alchemical Bride 24 (Soujourner Truth) by Tatiana Garmendia


“Visitations” by Leah Ranada

“The Californian” by  Alex Palmerlee

“The Park” by Mark Bolinger

“Silent Squeals” by Marilee Dahlman

“The Funeral Tape” by TJ Wilson

“Dance Of The Tamborines” by Nazli Karabiyikoglu

“Logically It Was Easy” by L.E. Yates

“A Child Of No Means” by Roel Concepcion

Samarkand Woman by Jeremiah Gilbert


“will you understand it” by Ashia Ajani

“Take to Task” by Amanda Forrester

“yes, and the body has memory” by Natalia Pagán Serrano

“A Broken Sonnet Dance Party” by Jason Crawford

“Dollar Store” by Adrian T. Quintanar

“Here Where They Exchange Our Heads” by Topher Allen

“To my ex-boyfriend’s daughter” by Victoria Sepulveda

“Coming Out to a Spider” by Chase Dimock

“More shallow grave than bird’s nest” by Madison Zehmer

“Savior” by Saba Keramati

“What scratches inside a thing?” by Clara Burghelea

Scour by J.E. Crum


“The Bluegrass of God” by Ann Wuehler

“Princess of the Sea” by Stanley Toledo

“A Worthie Woman All Hir Live” by LindaAnn LoSchiavo

“No Thank You” by Jesse Cramer

Retreat by TK Saeed

The Makeover by George L. Stein