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Daily Archives: May 5, 2021

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Stories of Leaving

After you left, your wife became a bird, even the gravitational pullCalled her a witch, she has been denied a soft landing, now she searches the sky of Sahara, After you left your mother became a nursery; a piece that should grow something elseNursing flowers

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Dialogue of the Deaf – a cultural sightbite

SETTING Nail salon in a strip mall; the present. Lights go up on two Deaf women conversing in ASL while getting a pedicure. Their pedicurists are hearing but invisible to the audience; they do not know ASL. DEAF WOMAN A Hey-hey-hey – not that color.

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Untitled Mantis Play (Chronicle of a Death Foretold)

CHARACTERS (1f, 1m) Lisa – femme, any ethnicity, 20s-30s. A spindly praying mantis who also happens to be a scientist. Santiago – masc, Latinx, 20s-30s. A hopeless romantic and moody poet. Also a praying mantis. SETTING A makeshift habitat for two praying mantises, which is

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That Time Shannon Doherty Grew A Heart

CAST Ben and Joe – men in their 40s SET A kitchen set. SYNOPSIS Two gay men attend a nineties-themed celebration and come to the realization that the years after the AIDS crisis have passed them by. The playwright expects productions to be undertaken by

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First Church of Cthulhu Bake Sale and Bingo Night

SYNOPSIS Whenever two or more are gathered together in his name, whether the “his” in question is God, Allah, Cthulhu or Barry, the Night Watchman, there’s always going to be a bureaucracy. And in that bureaucracy, in the red tape and the messy mix of

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La Vida Corta

CHARACTERS DIANA – Young woman obsessed with telenovelas CONSUELO – Character in the telenovela, La Vida Corta TIME Present PLACE Small living room Grabbing the remote control, DIANA turns on the television. The title of the telenovela, La Vida Corta, appears on the screen. Followed