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Us by Ana Jovanovska

Vol 4, Issue 1


“Boston Duldroms” by Parker Galloway

“feels” by nikki luna paz

“Figures” by Nasos Karabelas

“Path III” by Peter Scacco

“The Fever of Light” by Bill Wolack

“Us” by Ana Jovanovska

“The Fever of Light” by Bill Wolak


“Girls and Boys, When They Sit in Trees and Share Their Toys” by Anna Miles

“The Wall of Language” by Brian Sonia-Wallace

“Want: An Odyssey of an Interview” by Sam Regal

“Why You Can’t Put a Wheelchair on Stage” by Rani Deighe Crowe

“Boston Doldrums” by Parker Galloway


“Italian Sonnet as Instructions to a Belly” by Stanley Delgado

“Incorporated” by C.H. Coleman

“Kuya” by Mark Galarrita

“Mara, Mermaid” by Lyn Stevens

“Melanie Blue” by Laurel Sharon

“Smooth Animals” by Matthew Talamini

“The Sharks” by Roy Endean

“Figures” by Nasos Karabelas


“Apollo Ascends” by Sarah Azzara

“Malocchio (The Curse)” by Denise Tolan

“Shadows and Mole People” by Randilee Sequeira Larson

“The Story I Forgot How to Tell” by Nancy Quick Langer

“Emotional Portraits” by Michelle Nguyen


“A Seat at the Trickster’s Table” by Jenny Davis

“Awake in the Night” by Terry Martin

“Baby Face” by Michael Alden

“Forgiveness Season” by Joshua Orol

“for when i know where i’m going” by Maia Kachan

“I Can Hear You” by Renee Lepreau

“Kissing Him at the Clown Mouth” by Emilia Hamra

“Language” by Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

“Making Light” by Lizzy Fox

“Mètis Breakfast” by Tyler Dettloff

“What the Body Knows” by Elias Peirce

“Why I was Married by a Non-Affiliated Priest” by Stephanie Renae Johnson

“feels” by nikki luna paz

Path III by Peter Scacco