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Making Light

Warm in the air, wet
in the dirt: first rain.

From my bones lifts
the hurt of winter. Rain

hums in the gutters, keeps time
on the roof. Inside,

I hum a simple tune:
a garden, long days, dark dirt.

I hum and the room expands —
no walls, no wind.

I shape a lamp from hammered
copper and place it in the space.

I leave it with the switch clicked on
and wait—sunlight pours

onto the floor. All through the room
it spreads—the light.


Lizzy Fox is a poet and educator with an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she now works as Associate Director for the MFA in Writing & Publishing. Lizzy is a recipient of the Laura J. Spooner Prize and the Corrine Eastman Davis Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of Vermont. Her poems have appeared in a variety of anthologies and art displays, including the forthcoming Transcendent Poetry Anthology from Cosmographia Books. In addition to her own writing, she brings poetry and recitation workshops to schools and nonprofits across the northeast and teaches online writing courses focused on writing as a spiritual practice.

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