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for when i know where i’m going

in swedish hej means hello and
goodbye and i can tell you five
places to go for coffee in my
neighborhood but i can’t tell you
where i’m headed just yet, or when
to say goodbye. We barrel down
highway 102 with no direction in
particular, but i hope i’ll know
where i’m going by the time
we get there. That you’ll stay
past the dug out cliffs and
shiny maritime lakes. I don’t know
who the you is in particular and
i’ll burrow myself into the forest
before admitting my home is in
someone, but i hope one day
we can find that place together.



Maia Kachan is a student, writer and activist based in Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is one of the current Editors in Chief of Acta Victoriana, and has been published in journals such a Vagabond City, the Northern Appeal, and more. Additionally, her chapbook, on Growing Old (Grey Borders), was published in 2017. Her first full length collection is forthcoming in fall 2019.

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