“The Night”

“Solitude is to turn your back to the world.
Sadness is when the world turns its back to you.”
Ngondo Moyula

The day when the night will disappear
It will disappear without warning
Drowning dreams in the wells
It will disappear

The night

Androgynous witch
Infirm star

It will put time in a bottle.

On the bank of the original river
The words of the poet become God
Will bring forth a new world
The day when night is lit up
I will come out of my cave to kiss the feet
Of the shadow of your statue.

Landa wo is a poet from Angola, Cabinda and France. His work has previously appeared in Cultura – Jornal Angolano de Artes e Letras, Blackmail Press, Boyne Berries, Cyphers, ROPES Literary Journal, Nashville Review, Raleigh Review, Poetry New Zealand, Star 82 Review,The Cape Rock, and Weyfarers, among others.

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