Vol 4, Issue 1I


“Hector Ledesma Art” by Hector Ledesma

“Shadows of Futile” by Mohammad Ali Mirzaei

“Tire Repair” by Michael Thompson

“SALUT TO BEARDS” by Tomislav Šilipetar

“Trundle” by Anthony Westenkirchner

“Tire Repair” by Michael Thompson


“I Am a Pear” by Mercury Marvin Sunderland

“Yes-And” by Georgia White

“Shadows of Futile” by Mohammad Ali Mirzaei


“For the Love of a Dog” by Vanessa Beeson

“Mother and the GPS” by Eleanor Levine

“The City on a Hill” by Nick Vare

“SALUT TO BEARDS” by Tomislav Silipetar


“How to Lose Your Religion in 12 Easy Steps” by Leta Cunningham

“Evidence, Niece and What You Will Become” by Thomas Cook

“An Incomplete History of Parents” by Theresa Doolittle

“First Apartment (St. Paul, 2013) by Lizzie Lawson

“Krag, Krag, Sound of Crows” by Kathryn Stam

“Start with the Presser Foot Down” by Marsha Leigh St.Claire

“Trundle” by Anthony Westenkirchner


“Jim” by Ellie Bozmarova

“The Evening Begins Like This” by J.M. Brandt

“Endnote” by E.R. Donnelly

“Amtrak as a Red Wheelbarrow” by Thalia Geiger

“Hypothetical Zombie Vacuum Salesman” by Riley Hart

“Pfft” by Anastasia Jill

“familiar” by Karah Kemmerly

“re: deconstruction in D minor” by Nicole Mason

“Body Parts” by David Alexander McFarland

“Powdered Water” by Timothy Pilgrim