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Shadows of Futile

“Shadows of Futile” by Mohammad Ali Mirzaei


Mohammad Ali Mirzaei was born in Iran, Tehran (August 8th 1982). My BA is in field of News Photography from University of Culture & Art Isfahan. My works in various festivals in Iran, has been the top of, that include: First place in “National Festival of Iranian people”, Chosen of the 4th Festival “Women and urban life”, Winner of Best Collection in “Festival Of Film & Photo Young Cinema”, Chosen in Fereshteh Prize (Tehran 2015). Also my photos published in Midway Journal, TAYO, Columbia Journal, Hawai’i Review, Oxford, The Missing Slate, Silk Road Review & The Adroit Journal. I’m a member of the artistic team Paradise Ocean Literary & Photography Team, with management by Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh.

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