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everything limes.

stillness is a  blessing.  the quiet rests & unrests.   pleasure muses  in
sunlight & sometimes raindrops. laughter bends & stretches.  a  bird,
a  wind  chime.   dancing  heals  the  soul.   i’ve  never  cried,     never
danced.  so  much  beauty  in  sorrow.  it’s  hard  to  breathe  without
breaking  down.  i’ve listened to the same song.   a voice i kept secret.
yesterday  somewhere  far.  my arms wrap around the minutes.  city
lights   slowly   burn.   silence  overwhelms.   it’s   hard   to   think  of
anything.   i haven’t written in days.   i haven’t slept or ate.  the wind,
the wind. never felt this holy.  i water the garden,  flower the tears. i
feel gravity in my belly.  i’ve never wished to disappear.  as much,  as
today.   reality,  less  appealing.   everything  limes.  i whistle goodbye.
my voice,  my skin.  stars  between  my legs.  i  revisit  old  sins.  each
night a  different  flavor.  a  different taste.  there’s  a  door,  there’s a
window.  the  dark  &  i.  the kitchen,  a  halo.  the  earth  vibrates and

Hermelinda Hernandez Monjaras is of Zapoteco descent from Oaxaca, Mexico. She’s an aspiring poeta whose currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing along with her fellow Labbers from Juan Felipe Herrera’s Laureate Lab Visual Wordist Studio at Fresno State. You can find her on IG @ ceci_herm

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