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in the interests of overthrowing monopolised assets like male, God & I
this poem would like to begin at the end

there is no guarantee that the beginning will be there when you finish
so if you can entrain odd sympathy and stop the clock while reading you will be
‘in phase’

but you may also enter a ‘death state’ so I have inserted the failsafe of
a pre-programmed frequency of 0Hz contained in parentheses here – (_)

which you will need to wear for the duration of this hearing
this acts as a shield and doubles as a false enlightenment generator

if this fails the parentheses will invert, replacing your ears, amplifying )thought(
to revert, click this hyperlink C:user/reset/recall/new documents

you are the sole witness to the act of silence murdering sound and getting away with it
unless you are reading this aloud which makes you an accomplice

if you cease to desire reading on then the poem will automatically self-destruct
if you leave before the present detects you the future will embed you into an echo

if a sense of deja vu leads you to believe you’ve ghost-written this
enrol in a course for seers at the academy of supernatural arts

at any point if I lead you to the edge where you feel marginalised
fold this page into an origami dove, embark and send it air mail c/o A.bort

by handing down this sentence I commit myself to starting a new chapter
confessing to all the manifestos I scrawled on innocent bystanders’ eyes

the terms negotiated having saved orphaned characters from
scratching around waste dumps for morsels in scraps of drafts

if at any point you feel discomfort
insert yourself into this symbol to be healed ∆

there is a dictatorship operating from this tower – I –
it is the vantage point from where the ego shall blow itself up

these lines aim to lead you down an unlit lane of your mind to rob you of
your so-called valuable notions, leave you for dead then call 911

to spell ‘it’ out would mean putting a spell on itself
thereby killing off etymology so only talking in tongues will do

*(this footnote is appearing ahead of itself to ensure an ontological backfire occurs
and presuppositionless flattens the sheer psychic cliff that drops off here______)

• load these .12-calibre bullet points into a *philosophical gun

• make a presentation on the absurdity of ‘presentations’

there is no evidence to suggest there is anything beyond evidence
or that you have reached the beginning (insert subjective surface interface here)

writer / musician / theorist from Melbourne Australia currently studying how to escape mind / body / country without leaving

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