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Daily Archives: May 9, 2021

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Bachelorette Party

There is something excruciating about the rare experience of a bachelorette party when you’re in your mid-thirties. Gone are the days of putting on your slinkiest dress and a sash that says  “Bachelorette Party” (but that means “Buy me a drink, I’m not the one

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Sickness Will Surely Take the Mind

“Don’t you remember?” my mother asked. “You were out of school for most of seventh and eighth grade. You had Mrs. Colletti for a tutor.” “Look in that cabinet,” she said, pointing to a tin box near the television. “There’s a red book. I’ve recorded

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Breakup Prose

When the love ends, one realizes that it is gracious for a lover not to speak in permanence or gifts. I’m sitting at a study table on the sixth floor of the library, and the window before me is something like twenty feet tall. The

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Broken Glass

The bandages circled my head at an oblique angle and irritated the earward side of my right eyebrow. I was waiting in the sickly park outside the hospital for Zalut (pronounced like “Salut!”) to arrive in his car, a duct-taped Vaz-2101. There was broken glass