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Daily Archives: October 23, 2020

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The Innocent Gaze of Irene Jacob

A play in one act CHARACTERS Sherry: 31, blue short-sleeved plain blouse over purple shorts, blue flip-flops, long straight hair. Amir: 33, grey-striped pajamas (both shirt and pants), barefoot, shirt collar halfway turned-up, mussed hair, one-day’s worth of stubble. TIME The present, late morning. PLACE

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Ticketed People

By the time Ella Henderson snuck into her two hundred and fifty seventh free movie at the Greensboro AMC, she was almost hoping to get caught. The sneaking wasn’t done out of financial necessity — her paralegal salary was comfortable enough. It was a hobby,

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Just Wait

JUST WAIT I know what the law says. Plus, the SSO makes me repeat it after her, every Tuesday afternoon, inside her office. “Let’s say you see your mom, Eva. What do you do now?” I say: “Push the alarm.” Every time, Ms. L gives

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What’s Flammable

For Refugio Ramirez and his family and Mary Turner and her unborn child For you, I’d do it #It’s common knowledge that we need it #You deserve justice #the time has come #God will not stop it because after all an eye for an eye

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steel shoulders, stone jawstrying to be. a man carves, peeling back to that layer oflove only for things rather than pouring his soulhe is one piece of himself my skin was too soft,no plan to reconstruct the world, i cast myself in iron,slicing his self

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The high school English teacher who opened my mind to Ellison and Woolf and Dostoyevsky, who assigned Prisons We Choose to Live Inside, turned out to be the worst sort of zealot and purist, the kind that postures for radical freedoms publicly and abuses and