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Monthly Archives: June 2017

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Transition: The Process

Ian Cooper’s body of work is inspired by the internal analyzation of his relationship with God, and the degradation that follows being gay within the context of religion and identity. He is interested in finding the balance, visually, between sexual nature, escapism, and grunge nouveau

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Study #1: Saturday Morning

It is hard for me to remember that we are on the same side. A girl brought up to understand love as a negotiation between have and want, a woman molded as an empire fighting to keep itself from decline, learns that even sneaking a

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Blood, Water, Sin

1 Since my sister, Erica, and her husband, Jeremy, had moved to Dallas as newlyweds, Erica had precious few opportunities to teach me everything I needed to know about young adulthood. “Everything I needed to know” consisted of religion instruction—which Erica didn’t trust my parents