Santa Ana River Review
Est. 2015

The Santa Ana River is the river in Riverside. Kind of.

The UC Riverside MFA Program launched their literary magazine, Crate, as a print journal in 2005. The name was chosen as a nod to the orange groves that are plentiful in the area as well as around campus and the crates the oranges are shipped in, but by 2012 the magazine had moved online, and by 2015, the significance behind the name was a mystery to everyone except for long-time faculty member Susan Straight.

UC Riverside’s MFA program is a program on the rise and the 2015-2016 Editorial Team wanted a literary magazine that reflected the upward momentum of the program. So, after a decade of Crate, we begin again with a new name, Santa Ana River Review,  and renew our dedication to our readership.

We eagerly await your best work, and we accept submissions September 15- November 15 and January 15- March 15.

Editorial Team & Readers 2016-2017

Dramatic Works Editor
Carolyn Getches

Michael Sinck

Fiction Editor
Shaun Miller

Non-Fiction Editors
Samantha Reid & Edgar Gomez

Poetry Editor
Kathleen Taylor

Art Editor
Ashanti Anderson