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Monthly Archives: February 2019

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Shadows and Mole People

Thirty-two pairs of eyes are fixed on the carnage before them. Bone-white, the mushroom cloud races indiscriminately in all directions, consuming the sea. A red stalk of hellfire supports its fluffy cap and slowly, the white veil parts from the center, revealing a sick and

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The Story I Forget How to Tell

When you are bulimic in 1985, you lose a lot of jewelry in public restrooms. Rings mostly, bracelets and watches, all carefully removed in bathroom stalls and placed on any available flat surface, like the lid of the trash receptacle for feminine hygiene products or,

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Malocchio (The Curse)

1988 Before I had a chance to say hello, my mother’s voice shot through the phone. “You will never guess who called me.” “Who?” “Indovina,” she said in Italian. Guess. I settled the phone between my shoulder and ear and waited. “Non puoi indovinare,” she

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Ana Jovanovska was born in 1991 in Macedonia. She got her Master’s Degree in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 2016. Upon attaining a scholarship she spent a semester attending École supérieure d’arts & médias de Caen/Cherbourg. She had 10 solo