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Monthly Archives: May 2016

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Chicas de Hoy Siembren (SPRING 2016 POETRY CONTEST WINNER)

  ______________________________________________ Idalith Bustos received her BA in Creative Writing and Literature and minor in Geography from California State University, Long Beach and is currently pursuing her MFA in Poetry at CSULB. Her poetry has previously been published in Riprap Literary Journal. She lives in Southern

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Double You

I decided to make a list of everything I knew about the Jonathans.   The one in the cubicle to my left had glasses and a comb-over. The one in the house across the street was a bit younger, with smaller glasses and darker hair.

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A Hole in the Wall

There was a hole in the wall. Dad built the place in ’56 and refused to explain it. Even though the gap seemed structurally unsound, I didn’t push the question. Mom placed a vase of sunflowers on the short ledge leaning back into the empty

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______________________________________________ Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published creative work in over 600 journals. Many of his creative works have been published in journals representing over 75 colleges and universities around the world; Williamson is an Assistant Professor of English at Allen University and his poetry