Winter 2017 Vol 2, Issue 1


William C. Crawford “Mt. Whitney Monochrome”

Winter 2017 features drama contest winner Robin Rice, plays by Dallas Woodburn, Carolyn Kras, Ann Wuehler, and elena minor; Non-Fiction by Alaina Symanovich, Kelly Beard, and Kym Cunningham; Fiction by Jacqueline Smith and Monica Quintana; Poetry by Katie Darby Mullins, Soleil David, Abby Chew, James Croal Jackson, Robert Evory, Zareen Zahra Zeero, Heather Bourbeau, Emily Marie Buehler, Lee Chilcote, Effy Fritz, Daniel Jackson, Thomas Martin, Cara Murray, Laurie Posner, Richard Robbins, and Anna Sandy; and Art by Terry Wright, Duane Locke, Rachel Longstreet, and William C. Crawford.