Winter 2018 Vol 3, Issue 1

“Baby’s First Ekphrasis” by Cameron Morse

“fake christmastree farms (self-portrait at 30)” by Parker Hobson

“April” by Caitlin Creson

“Meat to Kill” by Jewel Pereyra

“Hiding” by Jessica Lindberg

“Fractions and Finer Things” by Sophie Weiner

“Blockhead” by Sophie Weiner

“Echolocation” by Kristin Berger

“Physics of Fire” by Kristin Berger

“Self-Portrait as Soft Rot” by John Sibley Williams

“Bathing in the Creek” by Daniel Lassell

“Midnight Hives” by Lisa Caloro

Spring 2017 Vol 2, Issue 2

“January Storm” by Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson

“The Basement” by Oscar Montes

“glory” by Bernard Ferguson

“Violent Intruder Defense” by Jennifer Gravley

“Pit Stop” by Kersten Christianson

“Study #1: Saturday Morning” by Mingpei Li

“anti-antiphonal” by Kris Tammer

“Falling Sky, Hope Smoldering” by Armin Tolentino

“Captive Raptor” by Adam Tavel

“Almost After Appearance” by Jen Karetnick

“Via Lactea” by Aidan Lee


Winter 2017 Vol 2, Issue 1

“Holy Water” by Daniel Jackson

“Coyote is Dead Near Exit 202 in Ohio” by Abby Chew

“Cape Hatteras” by Abby Chew

“Fall Ride on the Chestnut” by Emily Marie Buehler

“Wingdings” by James Croal Jackson

“UnTwin” by Laurie Posner

“Maneuvers, 1989” by Richard Robbins

“Capture” by Heather Bourbeau

“The heavy beauty” by Heather Bourbeau

“The Character of Carbon” by Cara Murray

“ANNA POEM #4” by Thomas Martin

“Oh, Man, Even the Birds in This City” by Lee Chilcote

“Erosion” by Anna Sandy

“Ritual for a Fever” by Soleil David

“Why Male Birds Have Such Bright Feathers” by Katy Darby Mullins

“Archetype of the Cage” by Robert Evory

“Bay of Funny, Nova Scotia” by Robert Evory

“Lex on Orange” by Effy Fritz

“firekeeper” by Zareen Zahra Zeero


SPRING 2016 Vol 1, Issue 2

 “Border Angels” by Benjamin Gucciardi

“Letter to my suegra from Artesia, New Mexico” by Katherine Seluja

“Shining” by Shelby Dale DeWeese 

“The injured Harry Houdini is struck repeatedly in his stomach, in a dressing room at the Princess Theatre — October 18, 1926.” by Cameron Quan Louie 

“At the Window” by Ben Gunsberg

“Weapons” by John Repp

“Greenbottle: Tessellation” by F. Daniel Rzicznek

“16 Swallows” by Isabel Acevedo

“Mirror Test” by Jessica Cogar

“Evening Meditation” by Francine Rubin


WINTER 2015 Vol 1, Issue 1

“Anthony, Class of ’92, On a Sunday Morning” by Ronald Lawrence Dzerigian

“Brothers Walk the Old Farm in a Dream” by Ronald Lawrence Dzerigian

“Glass Holds” by Jacob Griffin Hall

“We All Must Leave from Time to Time” by Jacob Griffin Hall

“Someone Wants To Forget This” by Sierra Jacob

“sometimes you recall          apple trees sprouted beside the great northern”
by Sierra Jacob

“The Annex” by  Joanna Rosenberg

“Of Water” by Adeeba Talukder



Vol 11, Issue 2

“West 46th Between 9 and 10” by Kenzie Allen

“[it’s rocks you’re after and you rake]” by Tim McLafftery

“Uruk” by T. Zachary Cotler

“duties of a woman” by Kara Wang


Vol 11, Issue 1

“Corrosion” by D.E. Kern

“taraxacum officinale” by Janea Wilson

“FEIS” by Katie Hogan

“Inflorescence” by Dylan Crawford

“Brett” by Alyssabeth Knerr

“The Break-up of the Western States” by James Joseph Brown


Vol 10, Issue 1

“Kitchenette” by Alexandra Villamore

“The Silo” by Alexandra Villamore

“Sea Song” by Alexandra Villamore

“Long Distance” by Devyn Hamberlin

“To an Aokigahara Native (after Wislara Szymborska)” by Devyn Hamberlin

“Ozone” by Devyn Hamberlin


Vol 9, Issue  3

“I Was Afraid Of Dying” by Taylor Collier

“Domestic Still Life” by Marci Vogel


Vol 9, Issue 2

“Wolf Creek” by Eric Anderson


Vol 9, Issue 1

“Samarkind” by Gay Baines

“Night-Goat” by Charlotte Innes

“A Room in the Musem” by Juan Luis Guzman