SPRING 2017 Vol 2, Issue 2

“The Nine Friends of Death” by Emma Johnson-Rivard

“Silver Water” by George Saitoh


WINTER 2017 Vol 2, Issue 1

“JOSEWULF” by Robin Rice

“American Mastodon” by Carolyn Kras

“love (lower case)” by Dallas Woodburn

“Alimento” by elena minor

“The Mating Season of Flying Monkeys” by Ann Wuehler


SPRING 2016 Vol 1, Issue 2

“The Apex of Friendzone” by Baruch Porras-Hernandez

“Inheritance” by Elaine Romero


WINTER 2015 Vol 1, Issue 1

“LA SIDACEANERA: Una Pachanga Y Muchos Cuentos” by a Group of HIV positive Latinos of San Antonio with Ricardo A. Bracho

“All Hallows Eve At the Amarillo Jehovah’s Witness Weekly Grief Group In the Backroom of the Y Just Off the Feeder” by Molly Beach Murphy