SPRING 2017 Vol 2, Issue 2

“Human Traffic” by Emanuela Barasch-Rubinstein

“Strays” by Laura Picklesimer


WINTER 2017 Vol 2, Issue 1

“Face” by Jacqueline Smith

“Riding Shotgun” by Monique Quintana


SPRING 2016 Vol 1, Issue 2

“Double You” by Leah Browning

“A Hole in the Wall” by Corey Farrenkopf

“Crown of the Valley” by Michelle Meyers

Té de Canela” by Casandra Hernández Ríos


WINTER 2015 Vol 1, Issue 1

“Rickies” by James Penha

“Loves You To Death” by Lyle Roebuck



Vol 11, Issue 2

“Then, Finally, After” by Matt Liebowitz

“First Confession” by Donna Miscolta

“The Front Seat” by V.E. Gottlieb

“First Draft” by Justin Muschong


Vol 11, Issue 1

“The Nandi” by Kailash Srinivasan

“Survivor Summer” by Julialicia Case

“Before Dawn” by Fatima Jamal

“Nosferatu” by Ashley Williams


Vol 9, Issue 3

“Elvis is Alive and He’s the Short Order Cook at the Silver Dollar Diner” by Alex Collins-Shotwell

“November Snowfall” by Jacqueline Doyle

“Chicken Dinner” by Carolyn Ziel


Vol 9, Issue 1

“The Tawney Owl Visits Charles Darwin on His Death Bed” by Kate Ladew