We’re currently closed for submissions, but stay tuned for a new contest, Fall of 2017!


Winter 2017 Non-Fiction Contest

Please join us for our Winter 2017 Non-Fiction Contest!

The Santa Ana River Review Non-Fiction Contest will award a first-place prize of $100 to the writer judges feel best represents a new, exciting, and challenging voice in the world of Non-Fiction writing.

We’re looking for essays and memoirs that have a revelatory angle — not simply recounting situations or events, but showing how these events change the narrator’s life; this can be something as small as an important realization or as large as a major life shift. We’re looking for past events that bump us up against future events, and reveal the depth of human experience. We’re open to any subject as long as there is a clear personal narrative arc.

The submission period for the Non-Fiction Contest will run from January 15- April 15, and all submitted works will be given full and serious consideration.


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